Why Schools Are Not to Blame for Cyber Bullying Essay

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A young boy was once sitting on his computer when he saw an email from one of his peers. He opened the email, and soon enough realized he was being bullied. However, the young boy let the cyber-bullying get out of control. His parents told the school about it, but there was nothing they could do. The boy had to go to a new school where he wouldn’t be bullied. There are many problems like this that get out of hand, so much that the school can do nothing to help. Many people blame the school for not helping, when there is nothing they can do about it. Therefore, schools do not have the responsibility to respond to and protect students from the challenge of cyber-bullying, even if it’s off campus.

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They said that students must learn themselves that they should not say something online that they wouldn't say in person. For example, if a student calls someone ugly online, they probably wouldn't say that in person. However, the school cannot do anything to stop this because they did it at home.The school systems cannot be held responsible for things that students do at home, and they should therefore, not be responsible to take action against cyber-bullying.

Others would say that schools do have the responsibility to prevent bullying when the schools helping to prevent bullying empowers students to face up to their bullies. However, this is not the case.Students would not be empowered to stand up to their bullies if schools took responsibility for the students. Instead of standing up to the bullies themselves, the students would probably try to make the school take care of it. This goes to show that having the school take care of bullying for the students, would not help the students learn how to take care of things on their own. For example, if the students figured out that the school would take care of something for them, they would not want to do things themselves. Most students would probably get lazy. Therefore, schools should not be bound by law to take care of bullying because students would become lazy.

Lastly, schools do not have the responsibility to respond to the cyber-bullying of their students is because sometimes, students do not tell

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