American Education Issues

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The United States education system has gone through various improvements over the past century, which have strengthened an environment for generations to reap the benefits of knowledge and further progress society. The ratio for degrees per college students and high school graduation rates have been steadily rising in the past couple of years. For instance, according to U.S. Department of Education, California’s high school graduation rate has improved in the last five years, moving from 74.7% in 2010 to 81% in 2013-14. Coupled with the NBC news article, The Most Educated Countries in the World, by Michael B. Sauter & Alexander E.M. Hess, the authors mention that United States is ranked number four, with a forty-two percent population with tertiary education. …show more content…

The cost of college tuition is at an all time high, unequal access to education, and though the high school graduation rate for the nation is 80% more than have to young adults are not prepared for the next chapter. Still, one complication has been making headlines throughout nation, the flurry of school shootings and bullying related issues that have resulted in suicide or deaths of student peers and teachers. Multiple of these tragic and sorrowful issues stem from online torment and bullying, but are still overlooked.. A controversial issue such as cyberbullying stirs a collective of questions. For instance, Should the Federal or State government provide a solution? What are some measures to combat cyberbullying? Why is bullying such a complex issue to address? These are are just some inquiries that have perplexed many. In order to ensure a prosperous and progressive education environment for students and staff, the public needs to be educated on the severity and definition of cyberbullying, doing so will shed light on the issue and lead to the development of

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