Why Shame A Person Who Eats What They Can?

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Why shame a person who eats what they can? Many Americans do not have a choice of eating healthy foods when the majority of processed foods contain a large amount of sugar. Even though people have a choice when buying food, they often do not have the knowledge of what harmful ingredients put into foods that look healthy. Many disadvantages occur to Americans with their health and judgment for the government, along with food industries have power over the nation’s food. Both government and food industries are taking advantage of American citizens by keeping them unaware of harmful ingredients they consume.

Many people think food industries are supposed to offer healthy foods to the public. Instead, they withhold information about their products that they are putting on the market to the public; possibly due to the fact that many consumers will stop buying their products. If they find out how unhealthy they are along with the long-term effect of the food. In Steven Shapin 's "What Are You Buying When You Buy Organic?" he explains how having farmed grown organic food is healthier for our bodies. Organic fruits and vegetables are not grown with synthetic fertilizers or harmful parasites (428). Eating more home cooked meals are a great benefit to one 's health. According to Shapin, critic, Sir Albert Howard of scientific agriculture demonstrates the significant difference between healthy, organically grown fruits, veggies, and processed foods. There are fewer chances of

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