Why Should Huckleberry Finn Be Banned

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Floating Down a River of Controversy
Thesis: Students, teachers, parents, professors, and others have debated for decades whether The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a racist novel and if it should be banned from the classroom.
I. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a racist novel
The use of the “N” word
Black students always offended by word, no matter teacher reasoning (Wallace 18)
Black students feel too isolated to bring issues to teachers (Carey-Webb 27)
Used 214 times, normalizes its use (Fikes 3)
Huck uses it to imply that blacks aren’t humans (Wallace 21)
Increases racial tensions, whites value black peers less (Wallace 17)
Causes black resentment of whites (Lew 16)
Twain used the word in speaking (Carey-Webb 24)
Causes psychological
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He has self worth (Hansen 48)
Huck and Jim’s relationship
When Huck and Jim argue, Jim wins (Lew 19)
Huck and Jim going together for freedom and morality (Nichols 209)
Huck ready to give up afterlife to help Jim (Nichols 212)
Huck & Jim represent interracial brotherhood and friendship (Nichols 214)
Jim father figure and friend of Huck (Nichols 212)
Jim becomes superior to Huck after Huck humbles self (Lew 20)
Huck is rejecting southern norms when he goes to hell (Nilon 66) Jim helps Huck realize blacks are human (Nichols 212)
Jim keeps going South bc he is concerned with Huck’s safety (Zalisk 3)
Novel’s ending
End is satirizing how South tries to keep blacks enslaved (Nichols 213)
Tom represents southerner chivalric (Nilon 64)
Violence-south Klan & lynching, arrogance-dominance of Dem (Nilon 65)
Tom-Southerner who says help blacks but works to keep subjugated (Nilon 66)
Huck-Southerner wants to help blacks but not be enemy of powerful (Nilon 67)
Jim-Black who trusted white to help but harmed bc of this (Nilon 71)
Jim locked in same cabin how slaves put back into slavery after free (Nilon 73)
How Jim acts is saying that blacks were losing sense of self (Nilon 75)
Jim acts way he does to avoid conflict and survive to see family (Robinson
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