Why Students Learn And Perceive Information Being Taught

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“How to Ensure and Improve Teacher Quality” In The New York Times "Room for Debate" topics one presented issue discussed “How to Ensure and Improve Teacher Quality”. Over the years many school district officials worldwide have tried to come up with different procedures and the best protocol to help improve education. Teacher quality has a major influence on how students learn and perceive information being taught. The key ways to improve teacher quality is to Strengthening Candidate Selection and Placement, offer Constructive Feedback/Suggestions, provide professional development, provide adequate resources, and encourage open communication opportunities. For more effective results these are major factors in teacher quality and this essay will prove how these aspects lead to either positive or negative teacher quality in the world. In recent years education has drastically made many accommodations to change and advance the field of education. Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed some changes to how teachers would be evaluated in New York. “Unions, teachers and parents took to the sidewalks, waving picket signs, to oppose the changes.” (Harris) The final bill will not include the percentages so therefore the details will be left to the State Education Department. The new changes made will emphasize student scores on standardized tests as a way to rate a teacher’s performance. There were a total of 5 debaters who either agreed with the proposal or disagreed with it. Amanda

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