Why Subway Is Not Popular in China Essay example

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1. Introduction

2.1 Relevant background

Since the Subway restaurant chain started in 1965, it has opened more than 30,000 stores in 87 countries during the past 40 years. In Western countries, Subway is very popular and famous for its “stylish and nutritious” concept. More importantly, Subway brings the idea of health into the fast food industry. Because of the nutritious sandwiches and low fat ingredients, Subway receives considerable acclaim in Europe and America. Moreover, some professional magazines pay many honours to Subway, such as America's Top Global Franchise” in 2009 and “Annual Franchise 500® listing” for 16 of the past 22 years.(Subway Chain Fact, 2006)However, in Chinese market, the development of Subway has not …show more content…

There is also 1 short-answer question which aims to encourage different ideas. Most questions are closed-ended, which could be easy to compare and summarize the quantitative data collection.

3.5 Research Procedure
There were in total 30 questionnaires distributed in early March, 2010.The questionnaires ware completed by random candidates of University of Portsmouth. Because of the restrictions of time and resources, students in University of Portsmouth were chosen as they could be easily reached. Moreover, the aim of this study is about investigating the attitude of Chinese customers on Subway. Therefore, all the questionnaires were completed by Chinese candidates. In the middle of March, 2010, 30 questionnaires were collected and all of them were fit for the research.

3.6 Difficulties and Limitations During the research, the biggest difficulty is to design the questions of the questionnaires, which should fulfill the objectives of the project. It spends me a lot of time on addressing the questions through testing with my friends. There are two limitations in this research. Firstly, there are only 30 questionnaires distributed to respondents. Thus it cannot represent the overall of the Chinese customers of Subway. Secondly, most respondents are students so that the ages of people are also limited. It is hard to get elderly people involved in the survey. However, this research

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