Developing a Research Project and a Brief Study on Obesity

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Have you had to do a research project before? If so, what was the most difficult part of the project? What do you think could be done to make this difficulty a little easier for this project?

I have completed several research projects and I find that developing the thesis statement is the most difficult part of the process. The thesis is the over-arching viewpoint of the research and states the writer's position for the project (Hardy & Ramjeet, 2005). It can be an analysis of issues and facts surrounding a topic or an argument for or against a particular subject or idea. Without a concise thesis statement, the project lacks direction. It can easily end up a general reporting of descriptions and details with no clear direction. The thesis provides the framework for the project guiding it towards a definitive conclusion. I find that the best strategy for coordinating an overall theme for a research project is to first consider the objective. In order to do this, it is best to first collect and organize evidence, see what literature and information is available on the topic and consider possible connections between ideas (i.e., divergences and similarities). This preliminary thought process and planning is the best way to develop a main idea that can actually be supported with evidence. Once I know whether my goal will be to argue a point, explain a concept or analyze data, I can then organize my supporting information to build the body of my project. By simply stating a
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