Why The Articles Of Confederation

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This essay will examine why the Articles of Confederation; the first national compact that had executive branch and legislative branch with limited national government power, failed to solve national problems, inflation, depression. After the American Revolution, Americans were very suspicious with a strong central government, as they think the United State government would control over tariff and limited human rights just like what Great Britain had done in the past. On July of 1776, John Dickinson submitted a blueprint for a strong national government to the Continental Congress, however, his colleagues transformed his plan into a government that needs the state’s authority to execute any taxes, laws, or amendments. Since the national government holds very little power, this created many conflicts such as tariffs, lack of finances to maintain the army, no power to end rebellions. It was impossible for the Article of Confederation to solve any postwar problems that America was facing at that time due to high unemployed sailors, debt-ridden farmers, and destitute widows and orphans.
The Articles of Confederation gives the congress to raise taxes, but the state has the authority to deny to pay its expenses. The states paid roughly seventy percent of what they owed, most states paid remarkably less (Georgia did not paid anything). This article negatively impacted America. As America just granted independence from Great Britain, it was a very fresh country, the stability of
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