Why The Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Vincent (2013) provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis on why the gender pay gap exists in Canada by researching, studying, analyzing, and interpreting over 39 different sources of Canadian micro data and finds that the gender pay gap has decreased over the years but still persists even in younger generations, less than a third of the pay gap can be explained through females over-occupying lower sector jobs, women placing a larger emphasize on non- monetary related aspects of a job, women experiencing an income penalty when raising a child, and that discrimination all play a role in the persistence of the gender pay gap. Vincent proposes that females being disproportionately represented in lower wage jobs, females placing a larger emphasis on aspects of a job that are not monetary related, women having to deal with more family and child responsibilities hindering their careers, and workplace gender discrimination that causes employers to value masculine orthodoxies of work explain the gender wage gap. As of 2011, the average hourly wage for females in Canada was that of only 87 percent of males in Canada (Statistics Canada 2011). Vincent argues that educating females and males equally about professions in schools and at an early age will encourage both genders to regard their careers will elevate the females’ confidence in their career and academic capabilities. Vincent also points out that offering females practical experience will
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