Why The Government Support Women When There Is A Lack Of Funding For The Education System?

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How could the government support women when there is a lack of funding in the education system? Not much money is going directly to the students or teachers. “Based on direct observation in schools, classrooms and of teachers in different countries of the region, the study concluded that Latin American students lose an average of one day of classes weekly due to teachers’ inefficient use of time” (The World Bank). Teachers have to go about their ways to make the class and lecture engaging with the little funding they are given. In a study conducted by Vegas, she states “A growing body of evidence supports the intuitive notion that teachers play a key role in what, how, and how much students learn. Attracting qualified individuals into the teaching profession, retaining these qualified teachers, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge, and motivating them to work hard and do the best job they can is arguably the key education challenge”. The issue is not the lack of motivation among teachers is the lack of support that they get from the government in all directions. If teachers are prepared a little bit better the lives of these women would be very different.
Lastly, economic disparities are by far a huge contributor for women in Latin America who are seeking an education. Most of these women are barely making ends meet. For those women who get married at a young age, they have the responsibility of taking care of the kids thus it becomes a luxury to seek an

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