Why The Motherboard Is The Most Important Component Within A Pc System

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The motherboard is the most important component within a PC system. A motherboard is the main printed circuit board found in computers. It holds many of the crucial electronic components of the system, such as the CPU and memory and provides connectors for other peripherals. The form factor defines whereabouts the components are positioned on the motherboard and how it is mounted within the chassis. Various form factors exist for motherboards. AT – Advanced Technology ATX – Advanced Technology Extended Mini-ATX – Smaller footprint of ATX Micro-ATX – Smaller footprint of ATX LPX – Low-profile Extended NLX – New Low-profile Extended BTX – Balanced Technology Extended Families of Motherboards: •A backplane mainboard provides a number of card slots into which other cards (daughterboards) can be fitted – this allows processors and memory circuit cards to be put together to create particular capability. •A motherboard-style mainboard – unlike a backplane, a motherboard contains significant subsystems such as the processor. Two types of backplane mainboards: A passive backplane provides a simple bus structure and limited data buffering An active backplane provide chips which buffer the various signals to the slots. BIOS = Basic Input/Output Systems The BIOS is a collection of software utilities that forms part of the operating system Being on ROM, the BIOS is not affected by power failure and makes it possible for the computer to boot itself The POST (power on self test) is a
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