Why The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The major crisis of the Syrian refugees (happening as we speak) is a major indicator that Islamophobia is real and growing. Many think that violence and collapsed infrastructure are the reasons why 90% of Syrians are currently seeking a new, safer home for their families and loved ones. However, many are also forgetting that radicalised Muslims are one of the more dominant reasons why this refugee crisis began in the first place. Innocent Syrian refugees are seeking a safer home from the terrorists like ISIS who are terrorising them, showing the difference between radicalised Muslims and Muslims in general. Since the Syrian civil war began, 320,000 Syrian people have been killed by radicalised Islamic groups, including nearly 12,000 children. Over 9 million…show more content…
Sure, after the 9/11 attacks in New York and the attacks in Paris, both done by Muslims who entered the country anonymously, it may be hard to trust anyone, especially Muslims. In addition, I cannot ignore Syrians who were able to enter safer countries in Europe, only to hear rape allegations and chaos. In the UK, two Syrian asylum seekers and one Egyptian man were accused of taking part in the gang rape of an eighteen year old schoolgirl. These allegations certainly do not support the Syrian refugee crisis, but they certainly should not be held accountable for all Syrians trying to find a safer home. To completely refuse the needs of a Syrian family, an innocent family, just because one suspects that one of them might be a terrorist or might cause harm to a country is inhuman. These Islamophobic views further the discrimination against Muslims, treating them like pests rather then people; these views are depriving Muslim families from finding a better life abroad, an opportunity that most races and religious people
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