Why The United States Should Enter World War I

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In this paper, the topic that is going to be discussed is what pushed the United States to enter World War I, and how did its entry affect the outcome of the war. The two main reasons that caused the United States to enter the war are the Zimmerman Telegram and the issues of unrestricted submarine warfare. the following paragraphs are going to discuss these topics a little further. Many things lead up to the US involvement in WWI. Germany had declared war on Russia and France, and Great Britain had declared war on Germany. Americans were becoming angered by German attacks on our ships because we weren’t even fighting in this war. After events like these, among many others, Wilson had no choice but to enter the war. The first topic as mentioned earlier about the Zimmerman Telegram, this particular telegram, Germany asked Mexico to join the war on Germany’s side. The telegram was intercepted by the UK, and was given to the U.S. on February 24, 1917. Germany then proposed to help Mexico regain the lands that had been taken from it in the Mexican-American War of the 1840s. This was seen as a major insult and hostile action by Germany. Second, there was an issue of unrestricted submarine warfare. Early in the war, Germany had sunk both merchant and passenger ships without warning. Then later on Germany was trying to strangle the UK by sinking ships bringing supplies to the island nations. Germany then pledged to avoid sinking passenger ships and then warn merchant ships so they
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