Should America Join World War I?

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### appears to be part of Esssay 384218##World War 1, also known as The Great War, is the fifth-deadliest conflict in history. It was mainly a battle for independence between countries, and until April 6, 1917 the U.S. had tried to pull away from it. Only about 20% of America had actually wanted to get involved, while about 80% had voted against any American involvement. When the American passenger boat known as the Lusitania had been destroyed by German U-boats and the Germans had broken their promise of not destroying any more American ships, there truly was no choice but to fight with the Allies against the Central Powers. The pros and cons of entering this war are very debatable, yet quite factual when basing them on life in this time period. Three pro arguments that were relevant would be that the Germans needed to be stopped, that the war would actually lead to peace, and that it had certainly improved our nation. Three con arguments could be that the Great Depression was pushed with the U.S. being involved, that the Allies really didn’t need America’s assistance, and that people believed that this war would not lead to peace at all. The Germans needed to be stopped immediately. After they had blown up the Lusitania with U-boats, they had promised the U.S. that they would not attack any other U.S. ships and would leave us out of it. Soon after that they had continued to attack U.S. ships and had upset the U.S. In the near future they had even told Mexico to start

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