Why The World State Is More Desirable Essay

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Why the World State is More Desirable
In the dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World”, introduces two societies, the World State and the Reservation. The World State is the more desirable society in the book as it portrays a better approach of having a stable society, handling stress, having better education, compared to the Reservation. The World State has twelve controllers who regulate the lives of their citizens. Although some might argue that the World State is dystopian, it is, in fact, the Reservation that is the dystopian society. Huxley portrays the World State as a peaceful and prosperous place as it is organized, clean, and everyone is content and has a part in society; whereas the Reservation is unclean, without education or structure, where everyone is running around doing whatever they want, therefore, making the World State the more desirable society.
Stability in the World State is created by the government and its rulers who control the World State by having soma, a caste system, conditioning, and biologically engineering humans, thus, having much control over their citizens. With this control, the citizens live in peace and are content and working in society, all feeling important and involved. Although the citizens are controlled by the government’s leaders, the people are oblivious to this and still live happily. The only controller Huxley introduces in the book is Mustapha Mond. Mustapha is seen in the book multiple times, especially towards

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