Why Trainers Are The Most Popular Shoes

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Thesis statement we all know about trainers and there use in our day today life but ever wondered how did the trainers came in existence and how did they captured the market?, what brands were the first leading brands?, what factors helped the trainers market to grow?, how is it connected to celebrities and sports stars?, well that’s is what this essay is about :-


Here I am going to talk about the history of the trainers and how they developed from the normal plimsolls to the much fashionable and trendy sneakers of today. I believe that this area of research is important because trainers are the most popular shoes in present world but still …show more content…

In USA alone 350 million pair of trainers are bought every year. The main focus is not only the performance for the training shoes, their use in fashion and casual wear also play a vital role in shaping there appearance and features. Colour, style, fashion as well as performance everything is kept in mind for the development of the trainers. These shoes are design to provide protection, comfort, style and decoration to the human foot while doing various outdoor activities.
Trainers, also known as sneakers in united states, has made its place in the music world mainly in the hip hop like puma, Addidas and Nike shoe and rock n roll culture like Macbeth and converse shoes, since the 1970s and till now people with such culture mostly prefer trainers. In almost all the music videos trainers are the shoes which are mostly worn by the singers
With the changing time and fashion many types of sneakers have developed like:
• High top that covers the ankle
• Low tops also known as oxford Sneakers, these do not cover the ankle.
• Mid cut sneakers: these are between the high top and low top.
• Sneakers boots which extend to the calf
• Slip-on sneakers like the low top/oxford sneakers which do not cover the ankle and don’t have laces .
• Low-Top CVO (Circular Vamp Oxford) like low-tops these shoes do not cover the ankle but unlike low-tops have a vamp in a circular form and typically 4 to 5 eyelets.
• High-top CVO (Circular Vamp Oxford) like high-tops these

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