Why Was Betty Friedan Important To The Feminist Movement?

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The journey in advocating for the equality and justice for women has left a tremendous impact in history. Women demonstrate their endless fight to be at the same level as men. From being allowed to receive an education, suffrage, to earning the same wages in the workplace as men. We recognize and honor one of the leading feminist of the 20 century. Betty Friedan is an inspiring activist whose actions have made equality for women a reality. Without her dedication in the movement, young girls may not have benefited from opportunities offered to them today. We often times neglect to remember important key figures that have strived for the better of our nation. Our interest in Frieden arose by her controversial thoughts when she spoke and wrote about them to the public. Despite being criticized by the media, she pressed on. Knowing that one person has the courage to aspire change influences others to speak up. That was why Betty Friedan was successful in advocating for women. We value her commitment as a feminist and admire her willingness to take a stand in history.…show more content…
We had an idea of creating a timeline of her life that highlighted main events that contributed to her development in the feminist movement. With this mind, our research was conducted in comparing different information between websites. We paraphrased and combined our findings to create script. The Feminine Mystique also served in the making of the documentary. The book played a vital role in fridan’s beliefs about the equality of women. To make the actual documentary, a program software, Power Director, put our script recording and visuals together very
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