Why Was Franklin A Fake Person?

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Claim: Franklin was a "fake" person because he pretended to be someone else. He chose to be someone for the better of him because when the French people told Franklin if he was a Quaker he had said yes even tho he wasn't a Quaker. So he faked it so he can be complimented for what he was wearing. He also pretended to be Silence Dogood so he can publish his books. Franklin also did role playing. when he was arriving to France he was dressed as a like a Quaker. Franklin new he wasn't a Quaker but, he still agreed on what the french people said. What he really was is a American Dressed as a Quaker but just with a fur cap on his head. He also had on glasses and they were on all the time on on his eyes and he had very little hair. He was very surprised
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