Why Was the Us Afraid of Ussr

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Why was the United States afraid of the Soviet Union after WWII? Why was the Soviet Union afraid of the United States and Western Europe? 2 When World II ended it brought about a period of mistrust and uneasiness between the United States and the Soviet Union. Communism and democracy were two totally different types of governments which ran the two most powerful countries in the world. These two countries were the US and the USSR. When the Second World War ended it brought about the Cold War. The Cold War was a war not fought directly but indirectly…show more content…
With this goal they cut through the idea of the Russians wanting to end capitalism. The Soviets had been invaded a 3 couple of times and wanted to set up a barrier to help protect them more. The Soviets and the US both felt like their way of life was in jeopardy and would do anything to prevail. The US and the Soviets wouldn’t work together. If they had they would have a more successful chance of creating more for themselves. Instead they felt like they couldn’t take the chance with letting the other break their trust. Both countries did a good job in not letting the cold war become a nuclear one. President Truman decided not to use nuclear weapons in the Korean War. If he had the Soviet Union would have struck back with a nuclear strike on the US. President Eisenhower did not get involved in a revolution located in Europe. He knew the soviets wouldn’t stand for it. The soviets also stood down during the missile crisis in Cuba. Many historians believed that both countries tried to keep altercations as low as possible. “The Cold War had an enormous impact on the United States politically, socially, and economically.”[2] President Eisenhower also wanted to limit spending to save money for military defenses. President Kennedy helped spread hope to the young Americans. No one really knows who started the cold war
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