Why We Crave Horror Stephen King Analysis

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Paranoia has always been an enemy to many people in the darkness. This irrational fear has accounted for many sleepless nights, and horror only fuels the fire. Yet, these people are still captivated by something that produces such unpleasant results. The culprit just might be one thing-- the characteristics, events, and situations that humans all share-- the ingredients to what makes things such as emotions and ambitions exist; otherwise known as the human condition. Based on these two notions, it is safe to say that in the article “Why We Crave Horror,” Stephen King is correct in claiming that humans crave horror to display some sort of bravery, to reassure feelings of normality, and to simply have good time.
Humans have this bizarre characteristic that urges them to face their fears, and this often results in some unusual habits such as craving for horror. In his article, Stephen King expresses that horror is an outlet to show that “we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster” (King, “Why We Crave, 1). This analogy concisely explains how the purpose and the aftermath of riding a roller coaster is almost identical to watching a horror movie. For instance, most people are afraid of being the victim of a gruesome murder, but you can still find that the majority of these same people would enjoy reading a story of a woman violently getting grated on brick until she turns into a soup. As for roller coasters, it’s the same thing. There are some people who are afraid

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