Why We Should Have No Bike Lanes On Campus

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Here at the University of Nevada, Reno, there are no bike lanes on the actual campus itself, separating the walking pedestrians, to the ones on wheels. From touring many different colleges from all over, I was able to see that most of them offer these helpful lanes to their students. Since law enforcement is not stern on enforcing riding bikes on campus, there should be another solution to make things better. Here on Reno’s campus one is having to constantly be aware of oncoming traffic because there are no lanes to offer guidance and safety. The problem is not having any bike lanes here on campus to create a smoother flow of traffic, both on foot and on a bicycle/skateboard. This is a major problem because without a bicycle lane separating walking pedestrians from the ones riding bicycles/skateboards, there is a higher risk of an accident or collision occurring. The safety and wellbeing of pedestrians here at the university could be at great risk.
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This could be the students, staff, faculty, or even just an average Joe strolling on by. They are affected because they are constantly having to be aware of the oncoming traffic rather than being able to feel safe and content when making their daily commute from class to class. Also the people who are walking are now having to share their already crowded sidewalks with these speedy commuters. If a collision were to occur, often times the person being hit suffers more from the collision. With that being said, the bicyclists/skateboarders themselves are also affected by this problem. They are constantly having to avoid walking pedestrians on their daily commute. Without bike lanes, riding a bicycle/skateboard to class may not necessarily be the most convenient. The bicyclists/skateboarders are now having to ride slower in order to cautiously maneuver between the pedestrians, thus taking longer to get to

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