Why We Spend Money On Space Exploration

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Why we spend money on space exploration, when greater problems exist here on planet earth.

Giovanni Araiza

The Art Institute of Phoenix The US has a budget of $3.4 trillion dollars, $18.5 billion of those dollars goes towards funding and further researching space exploration such as NASA (Amadeo, 2016). Its a colossal amount of money but breaking it down, that is only 0.5% of the entire pie. You may be asking yourself; why this is such a big deal if its such a small fraction? Or simply why don’t we take someone else 's budget? What if you where told “ The answer to solving the world’s biggest problems is in the stars”(Garan, 2014).

Many individuals think NASA only does research to benefit themselves and them only, it’s a …show more content…

Its common to think the vacuum of space only has nothing but bad intentions; but rather then fighting with it, work with it, and it 'll give you much more in return.

Stepping away from everyday necessities and medical research, national security is always a big part in the US. With the high possibility of terrorism attacks, missile crisis, or even a asteroid heading right for face the of earth. NASA’s top of the edge satellites monitor all of this for us on a 24 hour basis. We have eyes in the sky for more then documentation, but also to keep the human species safe. “A serious and well funded space program must have the capacity to monitor large asteroids that could potentially destroy our planet”(Intini, 2015). Those million dollar satellites guarantee our safety in the long run as a human race.

Aside from all the inventions and propulsion of the human race, our space program has brought us characteristics and trades that have pushed the limits of man. “…Higher level of precision than human beings had to do before the space industry came along”(Griffin, 2007) has put us where we are today. The space program has pushed and broken limits we would 've never know were possible. The available room for error is zero percent, everything either works perfect or it doesn 't work at all “You have to value hard

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