Why Western Governors University Essay

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Why WGU?

Choosing what college to attend can be a daunting process at any time. Selecting a school as an adult student can be even more difficult. Beyond the normal considerations of cost, program types, traditional school or online, and location, there are additional factors to consider as an adult student. These may include work schedule conflicts, family life, distance to travel, and credit earned for life experience. The nineteen governors who founded Western Governors University took these things into consideration when developing the school and its programs. They developed a school that offers a truly exceptional level of quality in education at a price that is around half of that charged by other schools. So if low cost,
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This occurs because the education received is competency based, rather than credit based. If a student has prior experience and/or knowledge of a particular subject, or is able to work quickly and learn fast, he or she can demonstrate that competence very quickly and move on to another subject. ("About WGU: How We’re Different," 2010) The student is also billed per semester, not per credit or course taken. This allows the student to complete as many credits as he or she can adequately handle, all for the same low price. This saves the student both time and money, both of which are precious in today’s economy. ("Tuition and Financial Aid," 2010) Students today are also looking for a school that is convenient for them, both in location and in flexibility of scheduling. Western Governors University offers convenience in both areas. Since it is an online school, the location couldn’t be any more appropriate. It is simply wherever the student has access to the internet and the time to study, whether that is at home, on a break at work, or even on vacation. In addition, there are no set times for classes, so a student can spend just a few minutes or long hours studying the necessary material whenever it is suitable for him or her. What could be more convenient than working at one’s own pace at a location of one’s own choosing? One might think that in exchange for lower tuition fees and no set class times, one might have to give
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