Why is it Fabulous to Know One Thing About Everything?

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After reading the Freire’s and Foer’s articles, I stopped for a second and thought, some concepts in the world that I think is planned, while some do not, to achieve certain goals is a reality. Meaning, most of the concept that people apply in any field are justified and backed up with reasons. Convention has to take place. These reasons could be set up from people who are in charge of the educational or the political system. One of these systems is demanding the public to think and act in the best interest of itself. Of course, the interests could vary. Thus, the factor that helps these systems to do their job is the human’s nature of mind. The simplest form to describe it is to say this nature is like filter that will allow the important information to go through the human mind. If the people want to free themselves from whatever concept’s filter, they have to train themselves to build their own filters. The most efficient way to build it is by knowing one thing about everything. Knowing one thing about everything is the best way of education, because knowing one thing about everything will allow anybody to build a web in his or her mind that will catch all of information he or she desires. Before diving into the essay, let me ask you this. Have you ever thought about buying a particular car, and then suddenly you see it everywhere you go. Or you were wondering what to name your kid, and then you see a lot of kids named by the unique name that you want to him or her to

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