Why the British Colonized New Holland in 1788

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What were the most compelling reasons why the British decided to establish a colony on the east coast of New Holland in 1788? It Was All About Location In 1788, the British colonized the continent of New Holland, which is present day Australia. The colony was first started as a penal colony on the east coast, but soon expanded throughout the country. There are many reasons why this colony was first created and why Botany Bay specifically was chosen, but many of these reasons came about due to a man named Captain Cook who wrote down all of his findings during his discovery of New Holland. During Captain Cook’s voyage to the South Pacific, he “found’ New South Whales and reported all his findings from the trip including some maps of…show more content…
Mantra noted that the trees would be very advantageous to the naval ships as well. These commodities would be very useful to Britain and would make the Navy even stronger. The goods that could be harvested in Australia offered Britain a new resource for trade and its location also gave the empire new neighbors to trade with. It would also be a much cheaper form of production, bringing in more of a profit. This was a great incentive for the British, as it gave them new opportunities for wealth and power through commerce. Australia was located in a very different part of the world for them so it opened up trade with countries they were not able to trade with before such as China. There was also hope for lucrative trade with the Creole Spaniards for English manufacturers and an involvement with the fur trade as they were not far from the Aleutian and Foxes Islands between Asia and America. Basically a British colony on the east coast of New Holland opened up many doors to trading with China, East Indies, Cape of Good Hope, and the Spice Islands. The location of Botany Bay on the east coast also created very important political reasons for colonization. There were many political advantages to a colony in New Holland. First of all, it would create a greater amount of power for the British Empire due to all the economic advantages. It would also create power because of its specific location. Australia was far away, which was in turn a great location because it was

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