Why to Do a Dead Lifting Rountine Essay

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Dead Lifting There are many different exercises for building the body not all are appropriate for every person. Any type of resistance training can help any person in many ways. By adding heavy dead lifting to your routine you can boost your muscles, improve your physique and strengthen your bones. All of these improvements will give your body power but, with any type of body training especially dead lifting it is critical to perform them correctly and add weight gradually in small increases. This is where most people make their first mistake. They add to much weight at once and this will ultimately cause them to fail. The reason is, they have not built enough strength to lift that much weight. In the struggle to lift more then you can …show more content…

With the barbell on the floor stand close to it. Remember form! Place your feet, hip to shoulder width apart and have your toes angled out slightly. Now to grip the bar, squat down and grip it slightly wider then shoulder width with a reverse grip this is done by placing your hands facing opposite directions on the bar. It is very important to have your back straight and keep it straight as you straighten your legs also you want to keep your abs tight. Now lift the bar from the floor to a stand without hitching or bouncing the bar up your legs .Your stand should be straight up and tall. Now to lower the barbell back down to the floor you want to keep the same form of back straight and abs tight to lower the barbell in a controlled manor for one complete repetition. A few tips to get a better lift in a safer form are to round your back and get your hips as low as possible before you start your lift, once in place straighten your back. Try to not bend your arms, keep them as straight as possible and don’t look down once you grip the bar face when lifting in dead lift form. You want to lift the bar with your hips not your back. That is why the core body and legs are as important as the arms and why form plays such a big part in dead lifts. Dead lifting is very challenging and works many joints and muscles at the same time. If you are new at lifting and want to start dead

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