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Bench Press

For lifters looking to create the classic "He-Man" physique, the single most important upper body workout is the bench press. The bench press builds the upper arm, chest, and shoulders. The muscles here have a great impact on making it look like you posses great strength, which is an important factor for many lifters. This workout is also one of the easiest lifts, since you are lying down on a static bench that prevents most unnecessary movement.

To perform the bench press, lie face up on the bench with your eyes directly under the weight bar. Whether you rest your feet on the floor or on the bench makes no difference. For the traditional workout, grab the bar with your hands …show more content…

Stand with the weight bar directly in front of your feet and get a good, steady stance. Pick the bar up and let it hang down in front of your body with your arms fully extended. From there, slowly bend only your elbows and swing the weight upward until it touches your chest. Lower the weight by merely reversing the previous motion. Let the weight fall back down into its starting position with your arms locked, where you will be ready for another rep.

Keep your back completely steady when lifting the weights up and lock your elbows after every rep. It is common for lifters doing curls to rock backward without fully extending their arms, but doing so risks injury and doesn't give a full bicep workout.


Squats are the single most important workout for the lower body. This workout alone will exercise over sixty percent of your body's muscle. This is because the squat works your buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, and more. As you can see, your legs have the highest concentration of muscle in your body. For a well rounded routine, then, it is essential to do the squat lift.

At the squat rack, duck under the bar and straighten your back to press your shoulders against the stationary bar. Once the bar is comfortable on your back, lift the weight off the pegs and step back so that you have enough room to drop your body down. Open your legs

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