Wierd Noises from Your Body Called Phonology

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My research paper is about how your body can make different noises. A person can make weird noises all day long, but when you add meaning to the sounds they create phonemes. The study of phonemes is called phonology. Sounds start from the air that we inhale every day. Although we have all those things that cause it we ,ourselves have to form the sounds that we make with our mouths.

All of those things start from your vocal cords. With your vocal cords you can create words and many other different sounds. You can create other types of noises with the rest of your body to. The air pressure comes from your lungs, diaphragm, ribcage, and abdominal muscles. Without enough air pressure, the rest of the production system for the voice, it shuts down.

Singers and other famous voice users focus on a significant amount of training on control of your breath support. The portion of vibratory voice production occurs in the voice box or larynx. The larynx is an organ that is made of paired muscles and cartilages. The thyroid cartilage houses and holds the vocal cords. It is a large cartilage with the most and superior aspect.

This is more prominent in the male larynx and is often called the “Adams Apple.” The thyroid cartilage sits above the cricoid cartilage, which is a signet ring shaped cartilage. Below th cricoids cartilage is the trachea or windpipe. The subglottis extends from just below the vocal cords to about 1 cm into the trachea. The hyoid bone is superior to the

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