Wild Reflection

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This semester has showed me how to analyze within my writing. The class discussions throughout the semester allowed me to think about the readings in a different way in which I was not accustomed. For example, a discussion post regarding The Call of the Wild, we were asked, “most of the human characters are rather flat (unchanging) while the dogs' personalities indicate some measure of depth and character. What challenges does this role reversal present readers in understanding the central theme of the story? What is the central theme”? In response, I answered, “Jack London purposely shies away from much of the human characters instincts and feelings so the readers would purposely connect to the animals, specifically Buck and understand his instincts. The humans were not following any of their instincts as their total focus was on the gold they had hoped to obtain. The central theme of The Call of the Wild is Buck versus his instincts “. Much of what we read can be analyzed in different ways by different readers for example, one of my peers responded, “I think that the overall theme of the story is loyalty”. So, how a reader analyses the story can be seen in different ways but having the ability to decipher what the author is saying is the key in analyzation. When searching for resources for my papers the idea of being able to read something and to analyze it, allowed me to better understand what the author’s point of view was. I often fell short in this area, but

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