Wilfred Owen Poetry

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Poetry is a form of writing that can be used to convey very strong emotions and ideas to the reader, this can be seen in the works of famous poet Wilfred Owen, Owen is the most well-known English trench warfare poet who fought in World War I. His military career began in 1915, when he enlisted himself in the Artists Rifle group and soon became a second lieutenant, like many young men he was ready to fight and die for his country. In 1917 he was wounded in battle and was diagnosed with shell shock; the year he spent in the hospital is when he wrote most of his poetry. His injury influenced many of his poems such as ‘’Conscious’’. Some of his most famous works include ‘’Dulce et Decorum Est’’, ‘’Insensibility’’, ‘’Anthem for Doomed Youth’’, ‘’Futility’’, and ‘’Strange Meeting’’. Owen was shot and died in battle on November 4, 1918; he was only 25 years old. In his poetry, Owen claims that war is a waste of human life and that it is horrible and cruel. One of Wilfred Owens greatest works is ‘’Anthem for Doomed Youth’’. The poem discusses the pointless deaths of soldiers on the battlefield. It tells the reader that the only prayers or notice that these dead soldiers get on the battlefield are those of guns, fighting, and more dying, not the normal ceremonies that are used to honor the dead, this can been seen in the first lines of the poem were Owen writes: ‘’Only the monstrous anger of the guns/ Only the stuttering rifles rapid rattle/ Can patter out their hasty orisons’’

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