Wilhelm Gustloff's Failure

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The cause of the sinking is happened because of the mistakes of the captains. The radio message came from a mysterious source – with no actual reports of a minesweeper in the area – yet the Captain Peterson brought illuminated the ship and alerted the Soviets. During this time, it was common for German to resort to being spies for the Soviets, especially since in this area was so close to the Soviet Motherland. The Red Army was extremely close to Poland in 1945, so it would be likely there was Soviet spies aboard since a handful passengers were unregistered. The Wilhelm Gustloff was also equipped with anti-aircraft guns and was carrying injured military personnel, so the Soviets did not know or believe it was a passenger ship. The Wilhelm Gustloff is not the only ship present at …show more content…

There are various reasons why this happened. The disaster happened during wartime rather than peacetime making it more likely for this type of event. The causalities were on the losing side of WWII and post war sympathy for Germany and their amount of civilian deaths was not happening. The Germans withheld the details of the event to not draw attention to themselves. Soviets did not show mercy to the Germans after they invaded them. World sentiment towards the Nazi atrocities like the Holocaust were considered much worse than the loss of 9,000 civilians. The ship was named after a Swiss Nazi leader. The Allies did not want to showcase the amount of innocent deaths they caused. Captain Aleksander Marinseko was discharged from duty shortly afterwards, to not draw attention to the situation even though later, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he would be awarded for his efforts in World War II. There were no rich victims aboard like there were on the Titanic. In America, there is no connection to event so there is no money making for Hollywood.

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