William Blake Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement: William Blake is that of a literary artist that enlightens the overlooked parts of the world by fabricating poetry from the envisions found within the innocence of the mind’s own imagination.
I. William Blake simplifies the mind’s ability to dream outside of its actual reality, and elaborates on this fact with his poems “The Chimney Sweeper: Songs of Innocence” and “The Chimney Sweeper: Songs of Experience” by examining the mind’s development over the years.
A. The Chimney Sweeper: Songs of Innocence
1. Trapping of the sweepers in the coffins
2. His dream is a symbol for hope
B. The Chimney Sweeper: Songs of Experience
1. Outcastes of society that are for death (Reality)
2. Life after death (Hope)
II. William Blake discusses
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