William Estes Essay

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William Kaye Esetes was born on June 17, 1919. He was born in the state of Minneapolis, Minnesota. William Estes attended college at University of Minnesota, that’s where he received his BA(1940) and Ph.D.(1943) degrees in Psychology. During his graduate studies, he studied under B.F skinner during the 1940’s. Estes taught and did research at Indiana University, Stanford University, Rockefeller University, and Harvard University. During Estes graduate studies, he and B.F Skinner developed a paradigm called conditioned suppression.
Condition suppression technique was a new way for studying learned fear. According to (William K Estes, Biography, American Psychology,, rats were repeatedly given food after pressing the lever. An electric shock was applied immediately after the food was given. That caused the lever pressing to be suppressed. This allowed Estes to conduct trial by trial in the changes in the learned response. This Paradigm became one of the most widely used techniques for studying animal behavior, and still is used today, according to (Smith, 2014, para.
After he completed his ph.D, Estes was called to the military. He was stationed in the Philippines as the commander of a prison of war camp. While Estes …show more content…

A lot of individuals as children, I believe, don’t think about things of that nature growing up. Most want to be doctors, lawyers, police officers, and etc. I honestly believe you really have to have a passion for something like this because you have to go through years and years of studying, and just because you’re an expertise in that filed don’t mean you know everything there is to know. A lot of theories still don’t give us a lot of knowledge on human behavior. Which keeps me wondering, will humans ever fully understand how the brain works, and how it affects our

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