William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily

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William Faulkner is one of the most famous American Prose writher. He came from a wealthy family. Faulkner grew up in Oxford, Mississippi. He temporarily worked for a book store in New York. He is famous for his novels set in the American South. He writes a lot of novels about reality and social issues that most American writers left in the dark. Faulkner has been awarded many Nobel Prizes, but in 1949 Faulkner was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature. The committee consider him one of the most important writers of American letters (Bio.com). “A Rose for Emily” is one of him major works. The setting in “A Rose for Emily” has three main effects on the plot: traditions in the south, gothic aspects of death, and Emily’s refusal to adapt to change, leaving her an unsatisfied and lonely life. In the South their tradition was to socialize with people of high social class. If they were in a lower class they was look down upon and if they was seen associating with someone of lower class they was beneath them. Emily is a representation of the old south. She was raised in a background of southern gentility by her father who devoted himself on being a true southern gentleman. In the south marriage was known for white woman. Woman was expected to marry within their social status. Miss Emily would love to have been married, but her father driven all her male friends away. Her father wanted her to marry a man of high status in society. Also, in the south whites had African American

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