William Franklin: Inventor And Self-Made Man

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As the son of a famed inventor, scientist and self-made man, William Franklin was a great man. He enjoyed many amenities that his father provided for him, Benjamin knew what it was like to grow up being poor and lacking the basic necessities, so he wanted his son and children to only have the very best, so he made sure to give them whatever they wanted and needed. William was even the proud owner of a gorgeous pony.
Sometime between 1730 and 1731 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, William Franklin was born to Benjamin Franklin. His mother is not known, and William is said to be illegitimate. His step-mother; Benjamin’s wife, Deborah Read hated him, and could not stand his very presence. At a very young age, William was placed in foster care, and then brought back home and raised under the supervision of his …show more content…

During these years Benjamin and William came to grow fond of each other. They both realized that each of them was a special person, and had their own unique talents, this was the beginning of a blossoming friendship. Together they did the famous kite experiment, which today is the main thing people learn about Benjamin and William Franklin. They continued to do experiments with electricity in private, William being Benjamin’s assistant.
Although the fact that they were both interested in electricity brought the father and son together, what really bonded them was their love and passion for politics. Together they were able to “stabilize the condition on the frontier.” It was very hard physical work, but they did it together. This too helped to strengthen the bond between the father and son. Together they traveled to London to present their idea to the Penn’s, about the tax on the land. William was to act as his father’s secretary, and it worked quite well. It was a dangerous trip by boat and they both barely survived the

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