William Herschel's First Discovery Of Astronomy

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William Herschel began looking into the heavens as a hobby, he worked regularly in music and only dabbled in astrology in his free time. He was frustrated with the inability to see things as clearly as he liked and it led him to develop a better telescope than was available at the time. He worked and created a better scope and by that was able to study the stars and five planets. The planets did not interest him as much as how the stars and such are formed. His main interests were in how things were created. He studied the clusters of stars. As he was able to see better and was able to chart the things he saw, he was able to notice and take note of Uranus. In the beginning, he believed it to be a comet, and reported it to astrologers in England. Their equipment was insufficient to see the “comet”. As they continued to watch they could document that it was indeed not a comet.…show more content…
After the word of his discovery made its way around, the king granted a salary to Herschel, allowing him to focus only on his astronomy studies and quit his day job. It paved the way for better telescopes which lead to further exploration, and it broke wide open the possibility of more findings, since this was the first discovery of a planet since history began being
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