William Shakespeare: Still Influencing People Today Essay

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William Shakespeare was an English man with an unmatched way of approaching poetry, theater and playwriting. William Shakespeare has an outstanding reign of playwrights including some highly famous ones such as Romeo and Juliet(), The Tempest() and Hamlet(). He has influenced many walks of life and has set the stepping stone for other forms of entertainment. William Shakespeare has remained famous throughout his life and up to today because his poetic words have always been able to relate to people and tap into their emotions. Shakespeare was said to be born on April 23, 1564, to John Shakespeare, “a glove maker and a trader of farm produce who also worked on the city council”()and Mary Arden, “the daughter of a land owner from a…show more content…
In this time, each social class had a certain accepted wardrobe they were expected to wear but in the thearter all rules were off. Not only did the actors dress up how ever they pleased but people typically wore their own choice of clothing to see the prefromances even if they were poor. Shakespears play reflect strongly the era he grew up in and emphisised soical classes, relationships between men and women and common stereyotypes of the time. Shakespeares plays reflected both the good and the bad of the day which made them so popular because he never sugar coated anything and gave it to the people how it really was. For our benefit, it helps modern socitey to better understand the times and relate to them more easily by showing us what it was really like to live in that time era. Shakespeare is most noted for his work of Romeo and Juliet which is taught in most public education school curriculum. In this play a boy and girl from two differnt families who happen to be enimies, fall in love.() Many of his stories are based on a love that cannot be fufilled, starcrossed lovers or an underlying love that does not come to full circle till the end. In another play by Shaekspear called the Tempest the main woman charater possess as her brother and pretends to be a servent for the king. She ends up falls for the king but he thinks she’s a man, this
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