William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar
Many of Shakespeare’s tragedies illustrate the concept of power through different forms. Shakespeare (1564-1616) wrote plays through the Elizabethan era. Shakespeare’s plays were performed at the Globe theatre in London and were highly regarded by nobles, with the legacy of his body of works immense having written 37 plays and 154 sonnets. He is considered the most influential writer of English Literature. Many of Shakespeare’s works reflected the values and anxieties of the Elizabethan period including the issue of succession and authority as Queen Elizabeth was getting old, and the prospect of civil war between the Catholics and Puritans. Power, in England during this time, was unstable and in many ways questionable, Shakespeare hints at this idea in many of his plays. Julius Caesar (1599) is a tragic drama based off historical evidence. Set in Rome, the play follows the assassination of Roman General Julius Caesar by Brutus and the aftermath of this. In Julius Caesar Shakespeare constructs power in different shapes throughout the play.
In Julius Caesar, political power is closely linked to popularity. This means that a character 's ability to represent himself to the public in a favourable way is important. For example, the conspirators spend more time debating how their actions will be perceived than they do discussing the justice of their acts. During act 1 scene 2 Brutus and Cassius talk about wanting to kill Caesar, however they worry about how they

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