William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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EZ Julius Caesar was a crucial political figure that saw the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman empire. Through political strategy and military feats, Caesar seized significant power and influence over Roman politics and eventually declared himself a “dictator in perpetuity”. He centralized the government, passed social and bureaucratic reform, and even created the Julian calendar. However, he was soon assassinated by senators led by Marcus Brutus who stabbed him to death, after which the empire underwent several civil wars. His death is considered by historians as a watershed in Roman history, and one of the most influential assassinations in history. In Shakespeare 's play Julius Caesar, Caesar 's death was preceded by numerous omens: a severe thunderstorm, a bird of night screaming in a marketplace, and even a lion walking through the streets. EZ Shakespeare alludes to Julius Caesar, in order to highlight the importance of King Hamlet’s death and also foreshadow the discovery of betrayal. One of the reasons that Caesar was alluded to was to capture one of the themes of Hamlet: that everyone dies eventually. Like how King Hamlet was going to die eventually, Julius Caesar dies too. It is this realization that is a major part in Hamlet’s grief driven quest for self-knowledge. Another reason that Caesar was alluded to is to capture a similarity between Caesar’s son and Hamlet. Both of their fathers were important leaders that were murdered prematurely,

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