William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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Can one of the most influential plays in mankind 's history be revolved around one object? Does Shakespeare 's most terrific play Macbeth be all surrounded in encompass by a single dagger? This may not be the case, but the dagger does change the play in a dramatic way. This is one of the most symbolic objects in all of Shakespeare 's writing and maybe one of the biggest turning points in any of this place. MacBeth 's dagger symbolizes his ambition for power and it 's an apparition. This ambition is his most coveted asset and his tragic flaw. This dagger or otherwise known as the bloody dagger foreshadows the murder of Duncan which is one of the main turning points/plot in this play. Initially the bloody dagger is leading to the shadowing of what must be done by MacBeth. This is where you start to see MacBeth 's true goals and envision shine. If you want to achieve something you stop at nothing to achieve it and this is exactly what MacBeth dead. He wanted to obtain power and the only way he could do that was by taking alive. He was influenced by others, such as lady Macbeth, but no one else made them do it but him. This and company encompasses his character and is a great object to show MacBeth as his true self. This ambition does not stop after the assassination of Duncan, but continues into his reign as a leader throughout his time. You never see his morals change or guilt set in enough for him to really remorse about taking alive. The dagger follows him throughout

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