William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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‘Macbeth’ a Scottish play known as one of Shakespeare’s best plays was written in 1611 by William Shakespeare, during that time King James the 1st was the king of Scotland, the Jacobean times was a time where people had a fascination with witches and witchcraft, ‘Daemonolgie’ was a book written by King James the 1st himself, this was about ways to spot a witch, which intrigued people. Since ‘Macbeth’ has a Scottish theme Shakespeare may have written this play to please King James since there is references to Banquo which is a direct descendant of King James, also it is said that Banquo wasn’t a very nice man but Shakespeare presents him as very loyal and kind person
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She is power hungry and uses a range of techniques to persuade Macbeth to kill King Duncan, the strongest technique is when she says “Are you a man” by her saying this she is calling Macbeth weak and useless which in the Jacobean time is a big deal since men where meant to be strong, brave and fearless, by Lady Macbeth saying, this she is questioning her husband’s authority as a man.
As the play continues not only does her relationship between her husband change but her attitude, she becomes lower in status and drowns in guilt for all the murders that have happened since King Duncan’s death “Who knew the man had so much blood?” This quote totally changes the audience’s impression of Lady Macbeth she started off as independent and fearless, Shakespeare wants us to understand the whole concept of “Be careful what you wish for” the power of

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