William Shakespeare 's ' Much Ado About Nothing '

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Shakespeare was a very famous playwright in the 1500’s. He started off as an actor in 1590 and he worked his way up to being a shareholder; which means that he owned a proportion of the company and he could still be a part in the plays. Later in 1599 when The Globe Theater was built, he moved there and was a shareholder. During these times he wrote several plays for the theater. Some of these include Much Ado about Nothing, Twelfth Night, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and A Midsummer 's Night’s Dream. In the year 1600, Shakespeare wrote the play Much Ado about Nothing. Later the following year, in 1601, Shakespeare wrote a Twelfth Night. In many ways these two plays are similar with the aspects of the differences of power between the upper and …show more content…
Now, compare that to the situation in Much Ado about Nothing. Although the Main Characters are predominantly apart of the royal family, that didn 't stop Don John from making Claudio believe that Hero was unfaithful. He used Borachio to make love to Margaret, Hero’s servant, in Hero’s bedroom window. Don John got Don Pedro and Claudio to witness this account. Don John is not one of the plays central characters, but he completely twisted and changed the plot. He deceived the two men as well as the whole rest of the royal family making them all believe that Hero was having an affair.
That being said, leads to the next comparison which is betrayal. In both plays there is a major betrayal that takes place. In the Twelfth Night, Sebastian was saved from the shipwreck by Antonio. Antonio cares so much for Sebastian that he followed him into the territory of Orsino’s domain even though the two are old enemies. So eventually Orsino’s men captured Antonio. Cesario (who is really Viola but disguised as a man) just so happened to be nearby. Since Viola had no clue who Antonio was, it looked like Sebastian betrayed him. In Much Ado about Nothing, coming back to the scene where Don John tricks Claudio into believing that Hero is unfaithful, there is an essential betrayal that occurs in the story’s plot. Don John made it look like Hero was the one in the window with Borachio instead of them seeing Margaret. Since Claudio thought
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