William Shakespeare 's ' Much Ado About Nothing '

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Shakespeare was a very famous playwright in the 1500’s. He started off as an actor in 1590 and he worked his way up to being a shareholder; which means that he owned a proportion of the company and he could still be a part in the plays. Later in 1599 when The Globe Theater was built, he moved there and was a shareholder. During these times he wrote several plays for the theater. Some of these include Much Ado about Nothing, Twelfth Night, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and A Midsummer 's Night’s Dream. In the year 1600, Shakespeare wrote the play Much Ado about Nothing. Later the following year, in 1601, Shakespeare wrote a Twelfth Night. In many ways these two plays are similar with the aspects of the differences of power between the upper and lower class, betrayal between friends and lovers, and tricking people into love, are relevant topics reiterated throughout these masterpieces.
In the play Twelfth Night, The lower class is predominant. At first it may be taken that Olivia and Orsino are large and in charge with all of their servants and money and supposed power, but as the plot unravels, it seems that the lower class is actually controlling the situations. There is an obvious place where this scenario stands out in the Twelfth Night. The other servants got tired of Malvolio and decided that it was time to put him in his place. The devised a plan to write a love letter and make him think that it was actually from Olivia. In one scene Malvolio finds the letter that was forged…
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