William Shakespeare 's Othello - The Jealous Iago !

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Quashallia Potter
June 27, 2015
Professor Duke
English 1102
The Jealous Iago!
Jealousy is a strong emotion which everyone has experienced in some point or time in their life. Throughout Othello by William Shakespeare, the character Iago is known as “honest Iago” and deals with the roots of jealously. Iago uses jealousy, lies, and deception to manipulate and hurt other characters for his own personal gain. Iago is consumed with jealousy for Michael Cassio and Othello because he was not chosen as lieutenant, and Cassio was. Because of Iago jealously and hatred for Othello, he strives to destroy Desdemona and Othello’s marriage.
The first sign of jealously in the play is when Iago starts to talk harsh about Othello. Iago started to state why he should have received the promotion for lieutenant, and not Cassio. Iago claims he is way more qualified than Cassio because of his lack of experience on the battle field. Iago states “I follow him to turn him/ we cannot all be masters, nor all masters/ cannot be truly followed”. By Iago making this statement, it appears that Iago is already planning to plot against Othello and was just waiting for the appropriate moment to attack. Iago was also trying to say that Othello was not meant to be followed and will not be a good fit in a leadership position. At this point, Iago says he’s angry because Othello did not choose him as lieutenant and passed him over. Then later, Iago makes this smart comment “I Hate the Moor, and it is thought
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