William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Go up to just about any literary scholar and ask them the simple question of, who is the greatest writer known to the planet. Many will respond with a likely sarcastic response, but tell you of the man known as William Shakespeare. He’s most popular for his drama play called Romeo and Juliet, but holds credentials in the literary department for much more than that. He’s written dozens of plays, many dramas such as MacBeth and Hamlet, with some noteworthy comedies for the time period like Much Ado about Nothing and A Midsummer 's Night Dream. While some of his plays have straightforward storylines and the title is extremely revealing about the characters and meaning of the play, other titles are more vague and hidden to the unexamining eye. One title that is noticed for having this effect of being vague to its reader is the dark comedy called Measure by Measure. There are many reasons and theories speculated upon the selection process for Shakespeare’s theatrical titles, but there is no definitive method for each of them. Shakespeare named his dark comedy play Measure for Measure for the small details in social, emotional, and ironic encounters that lead to the play’s ultimate climax. There are multiple social encounters throughout the play that entice and explain the shows title in character interactions. The play surrounds the actions of four main characters being Isabella, Angelo, the Duke of Vienna, and Claudio. The social interactions of the story are highly detailed in

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