William Shakespeare 's The London Theatre Records ( Bloom )

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Over the next seven years, Shakespeare’s existence and activities are unknown, but countless stories speculate that Shakespeare poached deer from the estate of Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote near Stratford and earned a living as a schoolmaster or a soldier until his name emerged in the London theatre records (Bloom). He spent most of his time in London as an actor before he became a playwright, performing many of his own plays, as well as other playwrights, and is credited with revolutionizing the theater.
In 1596, Shakespeare applied for his father’s coat of arms and used his earnings from the theater to purchase New Place in 1597, one of the largest houses in Stratford. Shakespeare demonstrated signs of prosperity and success in his early life, but also suffered a heartbreaking loss when his only son, Hamnet passed away in August 1596, at the age of eleven. Over the next twenty years, Shakespeare had a successful professional career in London as an actor, playwright, a shareholder in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (an acting company), part owner of the Globe Theatre (from 1599) and author of at least thirty-six plays, several poems, and 156 sonnets (“William Shakespeare” 1333). Shakespeare lived apart from his family for almost two decades except for the occasional visits he made back and forth from London to Stratford. William obtained a respectable fortune and later retired to Stratford in 1612 where he owned property. On March 25, 1616 Shakespeare and his lawyer

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