William Shakespeare 's The Tempest And Julie Taymor 's Film Version Of The Play

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The poem, The Tempest was written by William Shakespeare which consists of romance. The poem is written in 1610-1611 in England and published in 1623. Its literacy period is the Renaissance (1500-1660). Julie Taymore’s film version of the play allowed the audiences see a visual of the play and how each actors portrayed the characters of the play. One notable difference between William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Julie Taymor’s film version of the play is the results of Prospero’s magic. This difference has the effect(s) of the highlights of Prospero’s magic of anger and forgiveness. This paper will demonstrate the representation of Prospero’s magic and what his magic can do has the effect of the anger and forgiveness of Prospero by analyzing the difference of Prospero’s magic in the play and Prospera’s magic in the film, but equally powerful.
Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian and Gonzalo has looked for Ferdinand, Alonso’s son and becomes tired as they stopped to rest. After a couple of minutes, an extravagant feast appeared in front of them. They became suspicious at first and prepared to eat the feast of food. Before they started to eat, Ariel showed up as a harpy as he made the feast vanished and charged Antonio, Sebastian, and Alonso of being the instruments of sin. Shakespeare wrote what Ariel says as he flew down from the sky as a harpy: You are three men of sin, whom destiny- That hath to instrument this lower world And what is in’t- the never-surfeited sea Hath

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