William Shakespeare 's ' The ' Twin Brother ' Essay

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It is clear from Antonio’s first scene that he has an infatuation and devotion to Sebastian, Viola’s twin brother whom the former rescued from a shipwreck, in some form or another. Though the nature of these feelings are left ambiguous, Antonio’s cares for Sebastian is apparent in how he worries about the young man and wants to travel with him in Act II scene 1. The thought of being apart from Sebastian is something Antonio does not want to imagine or see become reality, and he even goes so far as to ask “If you will not murder me for my love, let me/be your servant” (II.1, 32-33). The idea of dying by a lack of love or rejection is reflected in many of the characters throughout the play, mostly from Orsino in regards to Olivia, however Antonio reacts to this idea differently. Instead of lamenting at the rejection, or perhaps even enjoying the rejection of love, as many of the other characters do, Antonio takes action and follows after Sebastian to Orsino’s court despite the danger he will face, citing “But come what may, I do adore thee so/That danger shall seem sport, and I will go” (II.1, 43-44). This can be seen again in taking up Viola’s fight against Sir Andrew Aguecheek after he mistakes Viola, dressed as Cesario, for Sebastian in Act III. Antonio is in the court of the most powerful man in Illyria, who wants to arrest him for piracy, and is still willing to fight to protect the person he believes he loves. His love has driven him to madness, like many other
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