William Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet
Hamlet play a very important role in this play. Basically the whole play revolves around him. In this play Hamlet is faced with the obligation to kill Claudius because Claudius has killed his father. Some people see Hamlet as a tragic hero with a clear and sacred obligation to kill Claudius but since he is scared to kill him and has many other things going on in his life, he is unable to kill Claudius right away. Throughout the entire play Hamlet procrastinates on killing Claudius. Why does Hamlet procrastinate for so long to revenge his father's death?
Shakespeare purposely makes Hamlet out to be a procrastinator for one very important reason, if Hamlet would have quickly …show more content…

Hamlet seems to say what he wants to do but not carry it out. In his own words, ". . .the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought."(III.i.84-85) Here it shows that when Hamlet thinks he has finally made a decision, thinking about it causes him to change his mind or simply put it off. One time in the play Hamlet has the opportunity to kill Claudius and achieve his revenge is when Claudius is confessing his sins. Here, Hamlet does not kill him because if Claudius were to die right then, he would have gone to heaven. This is something that Hamlet does not want to see happen. Of course, there are also moral issues standing in the way, which prevent Hamlet from immediately acting upon the Ghost's orders. Hamlet always finds a way out of what he was about to do because he ends up thinking about it for too long. When is seems like Hamlet finally makes a decision, he quickly finds a reason to find fault in his decision. This makes him become a person who is has a purpose, but doesn't have the quality required to accomplish that purpose. Most of these issues are simply due to Hamlet's reading in to morals too much. When Hamlet sees how promptly Polonius acted towards the death of his father in scene II, he quickly denounces himself as a coward and cries out for

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