Windows Vista and Group Policy Essay

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Lab 10 CONFIGURING APPLICATIONS |EXERCISE 10.1 |INSTALLING REMOTE SERVER ADMINISTRATION TOOLS | |OVERVIEW |Before you can configure AD DS Group Policy settings from your Windows 7 workstation, you must | | |install and enable the Remote Server Administration Tools, which includes the Group Policy Management| | |console. | |Completion time |10 minutes | 15. Take a screen shot…show more content…
| |Completion time |10 minutes | |Question 2 |Why would you want to enable the Use policy accelerators policy in this case, rather than the| | |Turn off accelerators policy? Users can only access Accelaerators that are deployed through | | |Group Policy. | |Question 3 |Why is it necessary to disable the Turn on Internet Explorer Standards Mode for Local | | |Intranet policy? Because Internet Explorer will use an Internet Explorer 7 user agent string | | |for local intranet content if you don’t configure this policy setting. | |Question 4 |Why, in this case, is it necessary to enable both the Prevent Deleting Web sites that the | | |User has Visited policy and the Turn off InPrivate Browsing policy? So users can’t delete | | |their browsing history, and so they can’t browse in private. | |Question 5 |Why isn’t it necessary to enable the Turn off InPrivate Filtering as well? We disabled in |
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