Wine Industry : The New World

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Over the past decades, the wine industry has encountered a lot of changes. Wines are now very diverse and offer different kinds of tastes to the consumer. A wine will not be the same depending on the environment and the country it was produced. The perception of wine has evolved during the past few years and well-known bottles can be found all around the world due to the globalization. The majority of wine producers was originally located in Europe, in countries such as France, Italy or Spain. However, the world of wine known before is over. The emergence of new producers located in America, Oceania and Africa has changed the vision of the traditional wine industry. Those new players, called the New World wine producers, have put in place effective strategies to compete against ancient ones, known as the Old World wine producers. The change in wine consumption also impacted the mutation of the industry by creating new challenges.
The American market, one of the most successful markets in the world today, is part of the New World. Consumers from the United States have a large range of products from many different countries. The American customer will look at different characteristics to make his purchase decision. New World wines consumers’ perception of New and Old wines influences the decision process. What are the factors that influence the perception of American consumers?
In this report, the vision of New World wines and Old World wines is compared. The country of Chile

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